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About Me

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My name's Danielle but you can call me Dani. Here's a short, potted history of my life; I believe that, in order to understand a person, we should remember that we are all made up of our entire life's experiences. So, here's a little bit about me:

I was so fortunate to grow up all over the world, living in England, Australia and Canada. Heading to University in Manchester, wanting to become a Wedding Planner - how life has changed.

I’ve always loved studying and, after university, I followed my heart, moved back home and qualified as a Personal Trainer as I wanted to help people with their self-confidence. After many years of achieving my goal I moved into Gym Management and moved back to Manchester to challenge myself.

Unfortunately for me that was the wrong move and the 6 months I was there made me very unhappy. Simultaneously back home a lot was happening, which resulted in my dad needing my help with my young sisters, and he asked me to move back home to look after them.


I struggled with the loss of my identity and lack of purpose in life, went through a hard break up and didn’t want to continue anymore; 2020 was my turning point as I had hit rock bottom and my mindset had to change!
(If you would love to hear what happened, and how I turned my mindset around grab a copy of my book).​

I am now so grateful for my life experiences as I wouldn’t be the strong, independent woman I am today without them.

I’ve always loved helping people, whether it is through fitness, yoga or reading books together; I’m just so lucky I have found my passion in life. If I hadn’t lived the life I have I wouldn’t have found my true passion for helping people through coaching, meditation and the book club. My book brings me so much joy as I know I’ll be able to reach more people and serve them through my authentic writing.


Another passion of mine is motorsport. I'm so fortunate to have been involved in the industry for over seven years and my coaching allows me to use my training and experience of the industry to help female drivers with their mindset, managing the pressures, self-limiting beliefs and focus.


I also love supporting female entrepreneurs and sharing my experiences in building my own coaching business with them as we all know how challenging starting up can be.   


So now you know, about me -  How about you?

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