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Book Club


Book club started by pure chance: when we went into lockdown I realised reading, alongside meditation was really helping my mindset and anxiety, focusing on only positive reads.


I shared on my social media what I was doing and asked if anyone wanted to join - to my surprise I had lots of response. I wanted to help, but also meet like-minded people and to share my passion for reading. I wanted to talk about the books that I'd read and to hear other people's opinions.

The book club has developed into an amazing community of people who are happy to share opinions and get involved in our Zoom calls, focusing on the monthly book and self-development activities that I add.

We all decide between us, by taking monthly votes, what the next book should be - there are very few rules (obvs "what happens at book club stays at book club" goes without saying!).

Book club is a growing community on Instagram. If you would like to join us you can contact me. I'm so grateful and happy that the book club has become an international positive hub for everyone who loves to read.

Here are the books that we've enjoyed to date:


Happy – Ferne Cotton (May '20)
Grace – Christine McGrory (June '20)
The Miracle Morning – Hal Elrod (July '20)

Wake the F**k up – Brett Moron (August '20)

You are a Goddess – Sophie Bashford (September '20)
The life Magic of not giving a F**k – Sarah Knight (October '20)

One Thing – Gary Keller & Jay Papasan (November '20)

Ghosts – Dolly Alderton (December '21)

May Cause Miracles – Gabrielle Bernstein (Jan & Feb '21)

Big Magic – Elizabeth Gilbert (March ’21)

Being - Lynn B. Mann (April '21) 
It is what it is - Marie- Claire Donnelly (May '21) 

Join us - there's a fee of £7 for the month (that's for one meeting at the beginning of the month, and one at the end), and you can attend regularly or dip in and out - there may be a month when you decide that the book's not for you; that's ok too. There are no requirements from you - you may be an avid reader with lots of experience of the classics or you may be a holiday reader; that's what makes the club interesting.

If you are wanting to join, please drop us a message using the contact us box on the bottom right hand corner. 

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