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Meditation Classes

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I fell in love with Meditation during summer 2020 via the wonderful Calum Best: he was hosting a series of Instagram lives called the Conscious Living, inviting coaches to come on and share meditation. I started seeing results within weeks, I wasn’t reacting to outside influences as much, I was more creative and sleeping better.


Researching further into meditation I then came across my meditation guru Brett Moran, he was hosting daily morning mediations. I felt he was personally talking to me, everyday it was hitting home. After months of practising meditation I decided I want to train to teach and Brett’s company, Bodhi, taught a training course resulting in me becoming a qualified meditation coach in December.

I now host monthly Stretch and Mediation class via Zoom. Building another beautiful community, teaching such a powerful and easy tool. Meditation has lots of myths behind it such as: I can't think during it and have to do it for hours. In my classes I encourage you to become aware of your thoughts and, in doing so, you actually quiet your mind down - it could be for 20 minutes or as little as 5.


As you all know I used to be a Personal Trainer and Gym Manager and I wanted to include stretch into the class to relax your body fully before heading into the meditation, relaxing your mind. The class is held in the evening leaving you relaxed and calm before bed - many of my clients have experienced a better nights sleep. Some other benefits my clients have experienced:

Improved self-awareness and self-image

Reduced stress and anxiety

Reduced blood pressure

Improved memory

Increased confidence

Reduced judgement thoughts


If you would like to join us, please do. The class is open for everyone at all levels. Once you book your ticket, you'll be sent a Zoom link for that class. 


If you have any questions, please feel free to drop me a message. I look forward to seeing you in class.


Free audio meditation

To listen to my free audio meditation 'Love and Empowerment', click the icon 

Love & Empowerment

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