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My Approach

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If you've read the 'about me' section, you'll know a little bit about my background. Here are a few things that have influenced me to take the path in life that I'm now following, and why mindset and meditation feels as if I'm 'home':

In 2018 & 2019:  I was suffering from depression and had a very negative mindset. I felt like I'd lost my identity and passion for life - I became very very down.

2020: I decided that I needed to change and got myself a life coach - I began working towards my happiness and independence.

- I started the book club with the aim of building a positive, inclusive community in a strange time.

- I started writing my book and signed a publishing contract (still pinching myself!)

- I completed my accredited mindset coaching and meditation course and am now fully qualified and working with people, I'm focussed on the future and have teaching tools that helped me change my mindset for the positive.

2021: I'm now so much happier in myself; I've found my drive and passion in helping others to become happier, healthier and to achieve their goals.

- My book will soon be released and I'm over the moon that I’m coaching!

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