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Give us a break!!

We all need a break sometimes, social media, the news there is so much negativity all around at the minute and our wine glasses are becoming very full with stress & overwhelm.

I have felt overwhelmed the past few weeks with the noise from the world but also from all the change in my own person world. I created an instagram post at the beginning of the month, talking about navigating through change and taking it step by step and i'm currently still on that journey, feeling different emotions constantly.

Change is great but so uncomfortable for our unkind minds, we are creatures of habit and when stepping out of our comfort zone even though it's great to do so it sometimes feel very nerve racking. Since returning from Thailand I have started working with a British Touring car team, secured a house (move next month) and hosted my largest coaching event with SimTrack.

All very positive things but out of my comfort zone which then the unkind mind comes to play and starts to speak very loudly.

After speaking with a few of my clients and friends, I am noticing a pattern in the world. Lots of us are feeling uncomfortable and stressed so I wanted to write this blog to 1) share I am also feeling it so you are not alone but 2) share some tips I use to ground myself and release some of the built up emotions so your glass doesn't over spill.

Tips to Help Release Stress and Tension:

1) Feel the emotion - as children we have a tantrum and 20 minutes later we are happy playing with our toy again. At some point in our lives we decide a tantrum isn't expectable anymore. Why?

Crying it out or beating up your bed with a pillow is perfectly acceptable to release the anger, upset or stress and instead of suppressing the feelings and pretending you are fine, you will actually feel better.

2) Getting out in nature - people say it all the time, being outdoors helps however how many of us actually remove ourselves from the situation and go outside?

Yesterday I was so stressed due to a technology issue and I knew while in my stress state I most definitely wasn't going to fix it so I took my dog for a walk in the woods, had my favourite upbeat playlist on, cried for the first 10 minutes (Yes looked like a weirdo, crying in the woods!!) however felt much better afterwards.

3) Journalling - Writing down whatever is on your mind can really identify the problem and maybe show you different angles. I love this technique as sometimes I ask myself questions eg) Is what i'm thinking fact or not? How can I slightly improve how I feel? and then from these answers I can form action points to improve my mood so start asking yourself questions.

4) Meditation/ Reiki - Both incredible ways to release stress and ground you. Taking time out to focus on your breath and mind or be transported to anywhere you wish can really help. It's like hitting the pause button and allowing you to breathe, calm down and clear your mind.

With all these techniques i'm not saying once you do these all your problems will have disappeared however you would of made space in your glass, you would have released the pressure as we can all handle stress, overwhelm and uncomfort but we all need a break sometimes!!

I will be hosting a meditation next week for us to all escape the craziness in the world right now and just focus on ourselves. If you would like to join please click the link the below and register for the class.

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