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Goals, Dreams, Desires and Support!

Good morning my lovelies,

I am writing this blog today to invite you to join me on Sunday 18th September for a powerful goal setting session.

You maybe thinking why now?

We are over half way through the year and half way through the month ..

Well I believe timing doesn't matter however having clarity, focus and feeling supported does.

I know when I understand my goals, my why and have action points set plus have a group of cheerleaders rooting for me, I feel more motivated and have more of a spring in my step.

Plus we are about to enter the last 100 days of 2022 ( I know hey where has this year gone!)

So what is the Goal Getter session all about..

1) We will be discuss and visualise the next 100 days and set a goal.

2) We will then dive deep and understand why that goal is important to you.

3) And finally set action points to get you closer to that goal and most importantly keep you accountable.

Why is being held accountable so important?

When we have an off day (and we will) having someone to be a listening ear and or cheerleader most definitely helps.

I am honestly so lucky and grateful to have such an incredible support team around me and it's my mission, my passion to share that with others.

Support is the one of the most important things in life, people need to feel supported as it makes them feel safe, feel seen, feel heard, feel loved and feel understood. Previously I didn't think I had support at all until I shifted my perspective.

Support can show up in various different ways and I hope to help you see the support in your life but also give you that support through accountability in achieving your goals, dreams and desires.

So if you would like to join us on Sunday 18th September at 10:30am, please save your seat below.

Hope to see you this weekend,

lots of love

Dani xx

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