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Growth in Vulnerability

Firstly apologises for not blogging for a while the past few months has been a rollercoaster filled with lots of work, sorting out my visa and then finally flying to Thailand. Throughout lots of different emotions flying high!

However I am here in Thailand, still having to pinch myself that I’m here and not just for a quick holiday. I wont lie the first week has been hectic. I haven’t stopped from snorkelling, meeting Bella the elephant, feeding her, receiving her kisses & cuddles, hiking up to the temple and participating in a mediation with the Monks and finally go-karting, which was a crazy experience all on it’s own. No lap times, so how do you know who won… and the beginners (not me, thank god!) had to wear life jackets hahahaha!

My emotions have been up and down all week, on the first day I felt very tired and nervous about being here however I met some incredible people from Germany and Denmark who instantly boosted my mood. From there I have felt pretty content and happy apart from the mammoth journey from Phuket to Koh Phangan on Wednesday.

I really struggled with the language barrier getting lost half way on the trip as the bus driver told me I was at the right stop for the next leg of my journey however I wasn’t. I asked for help from a lady who directed me to another wrong location, by now panic is kicking in and I start to doubt myself and the trip. “Should of gone to an English speaking country, you idiot” says my unkind mind which I would like to add isn’t helping the situation.

I decided to get a taxi driver to take me to the port I know I am meant to leaving from which is just under 2 hours away, paying big bucks (in Thailand) worked out to be £20 #maddness.

Finally arriving at the port, feeling relieved and safe again but another curve ball because I hadn’t gone to the 2nd location I hadn’t collected the ferry ticket so had to repay for the ferry ticket and wait another 2 hours for the boat. I had hit the 12-hour mark of travelling on this day, hadn’t eaten anything and was exhausted. Just wanted a friend or my mum so I filled the 2-hour wait face timing everyone in the UK to fill my comfort bottle back up.

Since arriving on the island I have been so relaxed and feeling zen, the island is so quiet which will be perfect to connect and work with my clients plus to focus on my next book.

1 week in Thailand has opened my eyes already, I can handle and resolve high-pressure situations so need to trust myself more. I know I want to grow more as a coach and person, which I am very excited for this opportunity, and finally I love connecting with people, it is one of my favourite things to do. I am excited to see what else comes up on this trip and I promise to keep you updated.

The only negative being here, the mosquitoes LOVE ME!!

PS) Cant believe it's 2 weeks until Christmas!! Have a wonderful week,

Lots of love Dani


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