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Hello VIPs!

Hello My Sexyyy VIPs!!!!

Thank you for joining the guest list.

I am SO excited for the next few weeks and buzzing to be sharing them with you!

Sooo the inside scoop..

The Book will be on Amazon ready for Pre-sale in the next few days. EEKKKK!!! 🥳

What does Pre-sale mean?

It’s a period of time when you can buy the book, however the book will not be dispatched until July 20th (The release date).

As a VIP, what do I get?

You will receive the chance to buy the book first before anyone else; you will have a countdown period with all the hot Goss explaining what’s happening.

Plus the first 50 people to buy the book will been sent a gift from me as a huge Thank You for supporting me in this incredible journey!

So.. Over the next few days keep your eyes glued to your emails as when the book goes ‘LIVE’ you wont want to miss out!!!! 👀

Lots of Love

DS x

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