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Hello my lovelies,

It’s been a while and I was going to apologise but actually I’m not (haha), and here’s why...

I have taken the past month off to focus on myself and invest time back into me!

I have seen family and friends, had lots of fun and non stop laughter, experienced new things and pushed myself out of my comfort zone. Yes I have also had a few tears as the unkind mind has come out to play, however as I had the time I could support myself, feel the feelings and use the tools from The Mindset Mission to reprogram the mind.

So in this blog I want to talk about how as a society we think - and get told - that rest is lazy, when in fact that’s not the case at all! We need rest to appreciate, reflect and listen to our minds and bodies, PLUS you deserve it.

When I worked in the gym, I would encourage my clients to have rest days weekly so they didn’t fatigue and injure themselves and yet now, very often I don’t even give myself 10 minutes rest and relax.

So I knew these weeks for myself were needed and I encourage you all to invest in yourself, whether that is investing time to rest like having a nice hot bath with candles, or turning your phone off, scheduling that time to reorganise your wardrobe…whatever that activity is, remember you're worth it and just spend time with yourself.

Or if you’re wanting to level up even more, try buying a self development book to get stuck into, or committing to that group coaching programme you have been thinking about.

Jim Rohn says “Don’t short change yourself when it comes too investing in your own better future”.

And I couldn’t agree more; who knows where you will be in a year’s time if you invest in yourself like you deserve too.

What’s happening next?

- Book Club ‘The Positive Page Club’ is back from the 1st September! I’m very, very excited…and the vote will be between:

The talented Eric Berne, M.D – Games people play. The psychology of human relationships.


International bestseller Brian Tracy – Eat that frog. Get more of the important things done today.

- Stretch and Meditation class will be held on the Wednesday 25th August and Wednesday 8th September – Starting at 8pm.

Please book below:

- I am hosting a FREE confidence master class on Sunday 5th September at 10am.

It will be an incredible session all about how to build your self-esteem and learn how to trust your gut. Share with all your friends, family and let’s show the last four months of 2021 just what we are capable of and who we truly are.

To reserve your space please email me -

Hope you all have a wonderful week

Lots of love

DS x

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