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New Year, Old Me!

Happy New Year Lovelies!!

Hope you had a fab Christmas and enjoyed the time off. I know I slothed about and started to work on my mindset, ready for a great 2023!

I decided that this year will be brighter, filled with happiness and connection as the second half of 2022 was a challenging time for me, I felt lost. I felt like everything was on pause, plus I had this overwhelming pressure (set by me) that now I was 30 I should be a REAL adult. Have everything sorted in life which is utter B*LLSHIT!

As the months rolled on the pressure grew, my Unkind Mind was screaming at me and I fell back into old habits. I wasn’t applying all the tools I teach, I was drinking more alcohol and isolating myself from everyone.

My Unkind Mind was on repeat telling me by now, by societies timeline I should be in a better place, bullying and beating myself up daily, not going to my locker of tools to help and improve my mindset, the downward spiral kicked in hard!

As a mindset coach and being lucky enough to have a set of tools to increase my mood, again just felt like crazy pressure especially as I wasn’t using them. I also felt like a hypocrite, like I wasn’t aloud to be down or feeling lost, which then in fact made the situation so much worse as I didn’t feel I could communicate.

So I writing this blog today to share, however you feel is VAILD ALWAYS and it doesn’t matter who you are! We are all human. This world can be a horrid place so please be kind to you, stop adding unnecessary pressure on yourself.

We are all on a journey and comparison will only tear you down. As long as you are striving to be better than you were the day before then you are smashing it. It doesn’t matter if you haven’t found the one yet or your business isn’t making millions, just be present and focus on competing against yourself.

I realised over the Christmas break that I was so worried what people thought of me that I had stopped doing everything I loved and that help my mind. I had no motivation to work out, meditate or even work. I was cancelling client sessions as felt like a failure, a hypocrite who couldn’t shift her mindset however I wasn’t even trying too which makes it even worse.