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Routine is KEY!

DR. Brad Brenner from Therapy group NY, states’ having a routine helps with your mental health, reducing anxiety, promoting healthy habits and helps combat burnout.

I found in Thailand I felt really lost and unmotivated due to not having routine, which then triggered my Unkind Mind, telling me I was a failure and I was letting my business crash and burn. My anxious mind was back in full force.

Since being back home and having a few things back in place, like my exercise routine and I am so much happier, my mind is clearer and I am so motivated with work, plus so focused on the goals ahead which has instantly silenced my Unkind Mind.

Photo credit: Luke Teuma, @leanwithluke

So ask yourself these questions: TRUTHFULLY!

1) Do you currently feel a little lost?

2) Maybe, you set new years resolutions however haven’t stuck to them?

3) Do you know where you want to be in the next 6 months?

4) Are you struggling with motivation?

5) Maybe your Unkind Mind is in full force, (like mine was in Thailand) are you telling yourself unkind things?

6) Do you feel a burnout coming soon?

If you answered YES to any of the above questions, join us on The DMR program.

*Featured in The Mindset Mission*

We are all starting next Monday 31st Jan

21- days of the Daily Mindset Routine, to help you feel focused, happy and motivated.

Why 21 days?

Because this is proven to be the right amount of time to form a new habit and or a new routine however the final 7 days of February we will still be together as I’ll be adding bonus sessions and a celebration event!

Daily I will be posting tasks and keeping the community accountable. The tasks will be formed up of Self-development tools that create a positive, motivated and focus mindset. You will have access to a free workbook to help you on the journey plus live videos from myself explaining, coaching and raising the vibe.

We will all build and grow together in a supportive online community with other like-minded people and I honestly cant wait to get started! This time next week will be day 1, the first task launching and all of us starting this journey together.

If you would like more information please don’t hesitate to ask!

Tomorrow is the last day of the early bird price £121 which is an amazing 40% off!!

From Thursday the program price increasing to £199 so don’t hesitate, secure your place on this incredible journey.

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