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The Mindset Mission

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“Danielle Simpson, former Grid girl and gym manager, lost her identity and passion for life when having to give up everything to look after her two younger sisters.


During 2020, she found time to focus and implemented tools to create a happier, healthier version of herself.


Her self-development book, The Mindset Mission, goes into depth about Danielle’s past experiences, and how she learnt and applied self-development tools to improve every aspect of her life. The book shares the techniques to inspire other people to transform their lives for the better.


We are thrilled to welcome Danielle to the That Guy's House team, and look forward to seeing her shape people's lives for the better through her writing!


Welcome aboard Danielle!” – That Guys House


I still can’t believe I have written a book, signed a publishing deal and that now we are in pre-sale on Amazon. 

To pre-order your book please click below: 


My vision for The Mindset Mission is to help 100s of people transform their mindset from negative to optimistic: becoming aware of the options they have and taking the action needed to achieve their full potential. So excited to build this supportive, positive and most importantly fun community - make sure you don’t miss out!

For those of you that love to read, I hand-make bookmarks - order for yourself or for friends - free postage and packing!

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