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Meditation Classes

Weekly mediation classes for all. Learn relaxation techniques  from your own home


Mindset coaching for specific industries as well as generic coaching sessions

My Book

Learn more about me and my story. My first book is published - learn about the launch date

My Approach

Learn about a few things that have influenced me to take the path in life that I'm now following, and why mindset and mediation feels as if I'm 'home'

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About me

Read a little bit about me: a little bit of history and background and understand why I do what I do. Personal experiences shape what we all do - mine

certainly have!

All about you

If you feel lost at the moment, have no focus or if you don’t jump out of bed every morning with passion and excitement; if you suffer from

self-doubt and are struggling loving yourself, please take a look at the programmes I have to offer and contact me to book in for a discovery call.


Joining the book club may be just what you need; learning and taking part in mediation is a great way of alleviating some pressure and bringing your focus back to you or, if you'd like one-to-one coaching, get in touch - I'd love to chat to you and see how I can support you.




Self Esteem






Forward Thinking

 Danielle has an incredible ability to allow you to feel safe and really be yourself in the sessions. She is professional, real and gets results out of you. I can’t thank her enough for her being part of my journey. I will be continuing my sessions with her.
Thank you.



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