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Magical Night with Max Verstappen

Let me set the scene.. I was in the hotel restaurant in Zandvoort ready for this weekend’s grand prix when Max walked in.

We immediately locked eyes, the music playing in the background was smooth jazz but in that moment it felt like nothing was playing, the candle on my table stopped flickering, the world just stopped.

He sat on the table in front of me, as I smiled over to him I notice he was with some of the Redbull mechanics. One of my friends from my previous racing career sat down with Max, I was in shock but waved to him, he instantly jumped up to say hello, talking for a good 10 minutes, Max invited us to join their table and eat with them.

At first I was so nervous sitting there I decide I needed some Dutch courage (get it as we were at the Dutch grand prix) anyway..

The drinks were flowing and stories were shared across the table, all laughing and having a wonderful time. It was a surreal moment, sharing dinner with an old friend I hadn’t seen in years and my favourite F1 driver.

As the night went on Max and I kept locking eyes, my stomach had butterflies every time we did and my heart raced as fast as his RB18.

The evening was drawing to an end and with that I was saying my goodbyes to the team and of course Max, thanking them all for an incredible night.

Walking to the elevator in pure disbelief of my night, as I entered the elevator I grabbed my phone to share the news with my best friend, when a foot stopped the elevator doors from closing.

It was Max; he pushed me against the back wall of the elevator and kissed me.

My head exploded I couldn’t believe what was happening; I was kissing my dream man. Our lips both so soft, his hands in my hair and fireworks, ping whatever you want to call it flooding my body.

OK OK so that didn’t happen but wow what a dream hey!

I woke up all flustered and excited for this weekend’s Grand Prix.

I wanted to share this dream with you to demonstrate our sub conscious mind can show up and communicate with us through our dreams. So what have I taken from that dream..

1) I am missing that sparkle, the connection in my life. I have been single for a few years now and I am ready to open my heart. Feel connected, heard, seen, loved and most importantly supported.

2) I need fun and passion back in my life. This year I have been on a mad journey trying to conform into what society classes as an adult, I panicked turning 30 and thought I needed to grow up, get a full time job and live a ‘normal’ life however that’s not me. I live for fun, spontaneity and passion. I need to be following my heart, my desires which aren’t conforming to society norms.

3) I still love Max Verstappen. Why some people maybe thinking?

In my eyes, he is pure class, his confidence is unbreakable, he is determined, hard working and passionate. He isn’t afraid of sharing how he feels whether it be good or bad and he has broke society norms, being the youngest F1 driver when he started his career at the age of 17. LEGEND!

Anyway, I want to leave you with some food for thought today, please grab your journal & answer these below questions:

- What is your sub-conscious mind communicating to you?

- Are you living a life full of love?

- Do you feel supported and heard?

- How much fun are you having on a day-to-day basis?

- Are you ready to break the society norms, and achieve the life you deserve?

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